League Officer Profiles

It may be an obvious statement but leagues which have a committed and effective workforce are the most successful in meeting the competition and development needs of their member clubs. The result being that these leagues are the best at retaining clubs in their league and attracting new clubs to enter.

A key element in maintaining a committed and effective group of volunteer league officers is to be clear about their roles and not to over burden them with tasks outside these roles. A number of leagues use job descriptions or role profiles to set out what is required of their volunteers, which are particularly useful when initially describing a role to a new volunteer.

Under the Standard Code of Rules all leagues must have a minimum of three officers - Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, however there are several other roles which different leagues dependant on their requirements have deemed essential to their operation. The attached document describes 18 different roles that can be found regularly operating in leagues.

This resource has been developed as a reference for leagues that may be looking to create new roles, review existing role profiles or write job profiles for the first time. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and the roles aren’t set in stone, they can be adapted or shaped to suit individual league requirements.

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