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Staffordshire FA are committed to supporting managers and coaches across Staffordshire to be creative and excellent teachers of the game. As part of our commitment to supporting coaches we will be placing free resources on this page for all levels and ages of the game to access.

Hive Learning

Hive is a digital workspace that helps coaches, their staff, and their athletes, build know-how on and off the field. From capturing sessions to reflecting on performance, Hive helps you consistently improve from week to week, building momentum to reach both your personal and team's goals.


To access Hive Learning please CLICK HERE.


To join the Staffordshire FA Coaching Group which includes Coach Education Tutors, Coach Mentors and Staffordshire FA Staff please e-mail


England DNA

The England DNA is the playing and coaching philosophy of the England teams. The FA have resource which is to help clubs and coaches at all levels of the game learn more about the vision for future England teams and players and the ways of working being developed to ensure consistency and connection between all our age-group teams.


Psychological Corner:
The 5C's Page 1

The 5C's Page 2 


Staffordshire FA Coaching Resources

In Possession – Dominate possession intelligently, selecting right moments to progress

Dribbling– Repetition Circuit
Finishing – Whole, Part, Whole
Forward Passing and Receiving – Parallel Practice

Forward Passing and Receiving – Wave Practice
Small Sided Game - The Three 6's
Progress and Penetrate - Numbers up game
Retain and Build the play – Playing out from the back


FA Skills Team session plans:

Beating Defenders in tight Spaces


Out of Possession – Regain possession intelligently and as early and as efficiently as possible

Defending as an Individual – Parallel Practice


FA Skills Team session plans:


Transition – Sense changing moments in the game, both in and out of possession

End Zone Finishing Practice
Counter Attacking - Quick attacking play 


FA Skills Team session plans:

Dealing with transition individually and as a team


Match Day

Player Cards

Player Challenges

Team Focus Sheet


External Resources

How do you coach young people when life changes
What makes your session unmissable for young people
What motivates young people to be active
Small-Sided Games

Conti Warm-Up

FA Mash-Up Football Challenges


FA Licensed Coaches Club

Football coaches from across all levels of football can now sign up to The FA’s Licensed Coaches Club. Coaches signing up to The Licensed Coaches Club will receive a number of benefits:-

Access to a new website with online resources, session plans, coaching news and a coaching network.

  • Free England tickets (ballot entry for every England team).
  • Discounts on FA Learning courses.

  • Access to accredited local training events.

  • FA Photo Coaching Licence.

  • Option to purchase insurance, Public and Civil Liability and physio care.

  • Option to sunscribe to The FA’s new coaching magazine, The Boot Room.

  • Option to subscribe to UEFA coaching tool, TaxtX.

Why not sign up today? Click HERE to join!

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