Setting Up A Club

The vast majority of football throughout the Country is played at a local level for personal enjoyment. Before embarking on forming a new team, the following 2 questions should be asked:

1. Are there enough potential players?
2. Are there enough volunteers to take care of club organisation and administration?
By following these simple guidelines you should be in a position to have your new club up and running in no time.


Setting up a Club - The First Steps

Constitution – appointment of club officials
Clubs must appoint a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary to enable the club to function effectively within County FA Rules and Regulations. We will be able to provide you with samples of club rules and accounts. It is also suggested that other people are appointed to assist in other administrative areas of the club.

Finance – income and expenditure to run the club
As a new club it will be important to raise funds to run the club and initially these will probably be from player memberships and subscriptions. It is also advisable to produce a list of costs to run your team which will help you create a budget of income and expenditure for the season.

Players - registration, eligibility, discipline, child protection & coaching
It is important that clubs are fully conversant with the rules of each competition that they may wish to enter. All discipline at grass roots is administered by the County Football Association and the Secretary of the club is responsible to ensure that all players are eligible to play. If clubs have any doubts about eligibilities, for example suspensions, they should contact us for details. For youth teams, it is important to be aware of child protection safeguards and advice is available from our County Welfare Officer.

Insurance – Public Liability, Personal Accident and other policies
It is mandatory for all Clubs to hold both a Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance policy.
All Clubs must have Public Liability Insurance cover of at least ten million pounds.
Personal Accident Insurance for Adult Clubs must provide their members with a minimum benefit of £100.00 per week.
Both types of insurance can be arranged as part of the affiliation to Staffordshire FA. Clubs can choose to obtain a preferred policy providing it meets the minimum requirements and a copy of the policy schedule is provided for affiliation.


Setting up a Club - The Second Steps

Affiliation – County Associations & Leagues
A Club will need to affiliate to a parent County Football Association and the appropriate league it wishes to join. Clubs are recommended to seek advice on suitable league membership from our County Headquarters. Alternatively, you can find a list of all Leagues in Staffordshire here.

Fixtures – League & Cup Competitions
Fixtures are administered by the appropriate competition which advises clubs of forthcoming matches. If it is a home match, the club secretary must arrange hire of a pitch, notify opponents and match officials of Kick-Off time and location of venue. For away games, arrange to inform your own team of venue, Kick-Off time and arrange for transport of players. All County Football Associations run cup competitions which give an opportunity for teams to play against clubs from different leagues or divisions.

Pitches - useful contacts & advice
Apply to your Local Authority, other local teams, Parish Council or owner of a private ground to hire a pitch. Please note hire charges will vary.

Results / Public Relations / Press
Ensure you pass on results of your matches to comply with competition regulations. All Clubs are recommended to establish good relationships with the local press to publish results, match reports and possibly just interesting stories about their club. Good PR will help raise the profile of the club; bring in new players and may even attract some sponsorship.


Further Information

For further information please contact Operations Officer (Administration), Joanne Adams in the office on any of the following:
01785 256994